Monday, May 17, 2010

NEW SHOOT - Emma Brown

Hi All

I wanted to post a NEW shoot I just did recently on my trip to Perth last month. I went on a trip to catch up with some family there and only had time to fit in one shoot, and did so with a friend of mine, Emma Brown.

Emma is a great person and an amazing model, she was a finalist a few years ago in the FHM Girl Next Door competition.

Being from Canberra and working mainly in NSW, I’ve never had the chance to do a sunset beach shoot before, and haven’t done the equivalent sunrise shoot yet. So this being the first trip I’ve done to the West Coast as a photographer, I only had one aim, and that was to do a sunset shoot. Emma loved the idea, in spite of having done some before over there, but unfortunately once we got there, the wind was howling and it was just unshootable (amazing scenically, but impossible to shoot).

Luckily we were able to have a plan B and shoot in a studio. The set up was simple but I wanted to give an almost sci-fi futuristic look to the set, an idea I’ve had for a while, but never had the studio set up to make possible. One of the things that will always happen, is no matter what you plan, generally the unplanned will look great, and this was certainly a case (at least I think so).

The last couple implied ones are my fav, I wanted to give a sense of loneliness and vulnerability with an environment that was simple yet gave the implication of being trapped, and I love how Emma captured it.

Hope you guys like the pics

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  1. Gorgeous shots Neil.

    I really like the last few especially the one where Emma has he back arched off the ground.

    Top work!

    - Paul Warren.