Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Blog off the ranks

Hi all

For those who might stumble onto my blog by accident, my name is Neil Dixon and I’m an Australian photographer based from Canberra but working in Sydney/NSW Central Coast. The others are most likely going to be my friends.

I’ve decided to start a blog as a way of keeping people updated on new work and also a place to post some of my old shoots. As you’d expect, there is a limit as to the quantity of pics that I can post on a website, or album on a social network album (as well as posting regulations).

Another problem (mainly occurring on Facebook) is posting pics with the fear that someone may report the image and get my account suspended, even in the event of the pic not violating the sites rules.

So this leads me to starting up a blog. I’m yet to know what this will become, if I’ll just use it to post photos or to actually journal any thoughts etc, but either way, I hope if you’ve stumbled or found your way here, you like what I post.

As I find my feet on here over the next few days, I’ll most likely be posting up some of my recent shoots for you all to see, so be sure to check back soon. Until then, thanks for taking the time out to check this out and for the support.


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